Track Day July 2020

Date: Jul 25, 2020 9:15 am Type: Run – 800m, 1500m, 3000m
Where: Waterford Regional Sports Centre, Waterford Prices from: €6


Event contacts and links

Des Colbert 086 4109 183

Event details

The Schedule is outlined below. Once entries have closed we will assign Athletes to either H1 or H2 for each distances. This will be circulated by email on Friday.

Check in will be in the RSC car park prior to entering the track. Please make sure you check in only at the allocated times for your distances and take note of the enter and exit times which refer to when you will be given access to the track. This is in order to comply with maximum numbers allowed on the track and to have all races run in time.

When you check in you will be given a bib number please put this on you immediately so that you are ready to run at your allocated time.


Safety Messures:

  • You will not be permitted entry to the track earlier than their event’s designated entry time. Please use the surrounding areas for your warm up
  • Spectators will not be permitted access to the track
  • Coaches can access the track but only for the duration of your participation.
  • All race heat start times are staggered. Please refer to the schedule for your start time.
  • On conclusion of your heat please exit the track immediately and take any of your belongings with you. You will not be granted access to the track after your heat has concluded.
  • Please arrive ready, as access to the changing facilities will not be permitted.
  • There will be a single entry and single exit point for the track. These are one way only.
  • Wear your bib number unobstructed on your chest and dispose of it safely after the event.
  • Please use the hand sanitizing stations provided in the RSC on entering and exiting the track.
  • We ask that you bring your own refreshments. Water will not be provided at the finish.
  • At all times, we ask that you
    • Observe social distancing unless in an intermittent manner like passing on a track.
    • Observe correct etiquette re coughing
    • Observe correct competitor etiquette (no spitting, hand shaking etc)
    • Wait at least 3 minutes after the event before interacting with the public, officials, or other athletes.
    • Contact your GP and read the HSE guidelines and then inform the Competition Organisers if you become ill after the event.